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Rapid Intensification • June 12, 2022

Sometimes people can trace their career choice back to a memorable event. For me it was September 5th, 1979. After making landfall […]

Harvard t.h. chan • June 22, 2022

Thousands of community health centers and free clinics across the U.S. care for millions of our nation’s uninsured or underinsured patients. […]

america cares

The damage that can be inflicted by a changing climate makes it one of the most dangerous, yet preventable, risks to human health. […]

AGU • September 29, 2022

We analyzed how hurricane landfalls affect flooding risks to hospitals that serve highly populated cities on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States […]

Harvard t.h. chan • September 29, 2022

Boston, MA – The first study to systematically investigate flooding risk to hospitals on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts from Category 1-4 storms […]

harvard t.h. chan • September 29, 2022

Recent storms have devastated hospital infrastructure. Hurricanes can disrupt health care delivery through power outages, supply […]

ny times • June 12, 2022

In a third of the 78 cities examined on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, half or more of hospitals were at risk from a Category 2 storm […]

INSIDE CLIMATE NEWS • October 3, 2022

Researchers have identified nearly 700 vulnerable hospitals in metropolitan areas along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts […]

the world • August 25, 2017

During natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, a single question has become a common refrain: What role did climate change play? […]

Scientists have long known that certain phenomena like rising seas and warmer temperatures are caused by climate change. […]

NPR • september 29, 2022

Hurricane Ian and Typhoon Noru strengthened quickly before landfall. NPR’s Rachel Martin talks to Princeton University professor Gabriel Vecchi […]