About Eye Towards the Sky

Back in 2019, in celebration of its 100th Anniversary, the American Meteorological Society launched a new lecture series called Eye Towards the Sky.

The purpose of this general public lecture series is to promote knowledge related to the weather, water and climate sciences for the greater benefit of society. This has also been the mission of the American Meteorological Society for the last hundred years.

The American Meteorological Society, headquartered in Boston Massachusetts and founded in 1919, is a scientific and professional organization boasting thirteen thousand members nationally and globally. These individual members span across a variety of private and public industries, television networks, academic institutions, and federal and local Government bodies.

The AMS has been promoting and disseminating accurate scientific information related to the atmospheric, oceanic and hydrological sciences since its earliest days. Its reputation as a trusted source is unrivaled. Tapping into this vast resource of expertise and bringing this wealth of information to the public, is one of the primary objectives of the speaker series. Naturally, connecting directly with experts and other members of the public with similar interests in an informal setting is an added bonus!

An annual event, this lecture series is designed to provide the most topical, scientifically accurate, and informative content within the broader fields of weather, climate, and climate change. It is geared to be accessible to a general audience who are intellectually curious and eager to become more informed.

The speakers are carefully selected not only for their expertise and knowledge but also for their unique ability to engage with the audience, regardless of the audience’s expertise or educational background.

The successful inaugural event, hosted at the beautiful Boston Public Library on October 10, 2019 was given by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, President of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

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